Karma Baskets and Gifts

Who are we? We are a part of the human experience! And we want to sustain life for ourselves and our family whilst encouraging love and positive energy. We want to promote giving by contributing to worthwhile charities and sell products that enable you, the consumer, to feel extra special about how you are spending your money.

How? By Gifting Positive Energy with Karma Baskets and Gifts. We all gift the people in our lives. And most of us are of kind heart, striving in some small way to make this world a better place. But lets face it, with the chaos that is life, it's not always easy! So this is where Karma Baskets and Gifts can help! Gifts of the spirit that are positive and healing. Unique gifts, that are fully customizable, on request, with intentions for manifesting Positive Energy for you as an individual, or perhaps a group that you would like to inspire!  And we use trade friendly and organic/recyclable products whenever possible. 

Combine all this goodness with the 2% donation from every basket to a charity tied to that basket, and yeah, you are "Gifting Positive Energy!" Its good Karma! It's good energy! We are, Karma Baskets and Gifts, Gifting Positive Energy!  

The Dreaded Pop-UP!

HI!  This week's blog is going to be my rant page!  And yes, it's about the dang pop-ups that seem to be a constant in our daily lives.  Who hates them????  I know I do!  

So, the "pop-up", in the beginning, was a technology used in very annoying ad campaigns, typically of a rather nefarious nature.  Usually spyware, or an annoying advertising cookie that would hunt and haunt your every move. And not at all passively, either.  They were in your face with a, "you're mine b@&ch," trapping you in an endless loop of pop-up hell!!!  And often times,  it was a virus, that would wreck that very interesting wave you were surfing!  YOU WERE SCREWED!!

If you do remember these times of extreme frustration, you should also remember this was also the time that some extremely wise internet Gods and Goddesses, developed the pop-up blocker!  It was heavenly!  Nothing intruded. Surfing was fun and carefree!  We could hang ten 24/7 if we wanted!  

Then something happened.  As the internet grew, so did the technology.  Suddenly very cool content, be it for a home user or a work environment was developed.  Downloading from the internet became a "thing" and if you didn't allow downloads, you were beached!  Pop-ups were no longer thought of as dangerous. Well, as long as you paid attention!   So, of course, we  the internet audience, with glee, turned to our pop-up manger and selected the  "off switch"!  

Becoming a norm, we expect the pop-up.  We are looking for them, reading the information first, like good little boys and girls, and accepting the downloads with forethought and knowledge. THE BLISS!  

But now, it seems that every site is using pop-ups to sign you up for something.  And honestly, that's cool, I want people to sign up for my stuff too!  ...except the timing always seems to be in the middle of a hurried quest for information and, dang it, there is a pop-up.  Or the page is loading slowly...and oh yeah, it's a pop-up. They are like gnats that you always have to swat away!  

For me, and a lot of people I talk to, the pop-up has become like an annoying yet loving family member. Constantly in your face, wanting information, or telling you how to do something! 


                                             And now.....a Story....



Recently I was traveling to a job site.  I had to stop in a strange town for something to eat and a phone charger.  My navigation on my car was already programmed with the address of the job site, so I didn't want to disrupt the process.  My phone, a very capable tool, I decided to use.   It was low on battery, but enough charge to help me find a Publix, a local grocery store that carries everything! So lunch and power would be simple, right?  Not this day!  

I faithfully called upon my Siri, and ask for the closest Publix near me.  But no... She wasn't being a faithful modern day Genie and refused to come out of her bottle with the "how can I help you attitude" I expected!  She instead kept sending me premature pop-ups from her bottle. You know the iPhone loop that just keeps popping up with a message of, "I'm sorry, I didn't get that", before I could get my sentence out!  And then the suggestions on how to use her magical capabilities, the pop-up messages that give you suggestions on usage!  

 So, now I am getting irritated. All thoughts of mindfulness became something like a vague reference of a greeting card I read once.  I am not usually inpatient either, but this is a very expensive phone.  And this technology has been around. You know, like FOREVER!   

So my irritation building, I pull over.  I find the Publix by searching it up on a page, looking at a map on my phone, and locating it in the old fashioned way.

Finally, I get to this lovely Publix.  And with a sigh of relief, I walk in grab some sushi and head over to the electronics aisle.  Except there is no iPhone cord for my iPhone, just an older type cord from the years of the iPhone 4 days.  Seriously, every cord you can image was there, except for a modern iphone cord!  But I digress, this little rant is about pop-ups!  

So now I realize that I need an AT&T store.  So before I leave the store, I ask the checkout clerk where might I find an AT&T store.  Even she has a pop-up, explaining to me my phone would probably get me there, it was in my hand!  :)  I quickly explained the whole almost dead phone thing, and she decided to share, without asking for my email address and name.  

So I go to the parking lot, and calmly eat my sushi, which was pretty good.  And decide to also ask Siri, where is the closest AT&T store?  Just to back up what the gal said, and because honestly, I was pressed for time and made a calculated decision on battery life.  I also thought since the car was parked, it would work.  Do you know what Siri did?  She told me where the AT&T closest to me was, located 200 hundred miles away.   OMG...Mercury was not in retrograde, and I have never had such problems with technology even when it is!  Thus, I decided to just go for it based on the directions via the live person share.  

Actually turned out not to be so hard to find the mall where the store was, but it was an outdoor mall.  A huge outdoor mall.  And it was not one large open parking lot, but pretty courtyards, with winding brick pavers. And, of course,  not an AT&T sign to be found!

And did I mention a very large mall?  Which happened to have very curvy, narrow paths? Also a lot of elderly people walking and driving.  I was ready to scream!   I had totally lost my enlightened self! 

So I park, and I try google maps to find the AT&T store, and what do I get but a damn pop-up, asking me to enter my name, and email etc, to create a profile for a new map history thing they are working on!  I cannot tell you how very unexpected and irritating it was!  I mean seriously, I sat in that car...I closed my eyes, and I took 3 deep breaths.  Maybe 4. And I concentrated on how beautiful the breathing was, letting it soothe me.  I asked the angels and all powers that be, to guide me to patience.

Feeling a little better, I looked up and what store do you think I was parked in front of?  Insert glitter, fairy dust and a sweet yelp here! 

So thankfully, and believe me, so thankful, I went into AT&T, bought my cable, and started out on the road.  

The whole point of this story?  I vow, to try anyway, to NEVER INCORPORATE POP-UPS ON MY SITE!!!!!!!  



Team Positive Energy! 


P.S., Not all pop-ups are bad, since I just got one telling me my battery is low and I better plug in!  :)