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Who are we? We are a part of the human experience! And we want to sustain life for ourselves and our family whilst encouraging love and positive energy. We want to promote giving by contributing to worthwhile charities and sell products that enable you, the consumer, to feel extra special about how you are spending your money.

How? By Gifting Positive Energy with Karma Baskets and Gifts. We all gift the people in our lives. And most of us are of kind heart, striving in some small way to make this world a better place. But lets face it, with the chaos that is life, it's not always easy! So this is where Karma Baskets and Gifts can help! Gifts of the spirit that are positive and healing. Unique gifts, that are fully customizable, on request, with intentions for manifesting Positive Energy for you as an individual, or perhaps a group that you would like to inspire!  And we use trade friendly and organic/recyclable products whenever possible. 

Combine all this goodness with the 2% donation from every basket to a charity tied to that basket, and yeah, you are "Gifting Positive Energy!" Its good Karma! It's good energy! We are, Karma Baskets and Gifts, Gifting Positive Energy!  

Happy New Year! :) Make It A Gifting Positive Energy Year!

Gifting Positive Energy!

Gifting Positive Energy!

What is 2019 going to bring us? Do we know? I mean, we can use history to predict things, cause and effect based on repeating history in our actions. We can use the sciences to predict outcomes be it astrology or benchmark reporting like for how they track climate change. But what about moment to moment predictions? What will be those bursts of future for each of us this 2019? Is there a way for us to predict in almost real time???

Well, I don’t think so. I know I can’t …well not completely anyway. But you know what we can do? We can gift positive energy in our daily lives and thus probably be pretty close on predicting actual moment to moment outcomes! We can spread a positive energy vibe in our words, our actions and thoughts to change that moment for ourselves and possibly anyone that is near us or to whom we direct that positive energy!

That is MY plan for 2019. I am going to gift as much positive energy to myself and others as possible. I won’t be as hard on myself for mistakes. I will smile a little more at strangers. I may let someone in front of me in a line because I have time and they seem rushed and stressed. I can help a friend or co-worker with some small chore when the moment seems right.

And when I do these things, I predict that I will get a smile back from the stranger on the street, I will get a thank you from the person that I let move in front of me in that grocery line, and my co-worker will have a little more positive self-energy because I am helping them with a task.

And you know what else I predict? That I will feel a little better about myself every time I gift some positive energy to someone else in my daily encounters!

And another prediction? That I will grow a little more spiritually too!

Spread the love. Spread the vibe. Start gifting positive energy for all of 2019!


Team Positive Energy! (Jahnese) :)

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