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Who are we? We are a part of the human experience! And we want to sustain life for ourselves and our family whilst encouraging love and positive energy. We want to promote giving by contributing to worthwhile charities and sell products that enable you, the consumer, to feel extra special about how you are spending your money.

How? By Gifting Positive Energy with Karma Baskets and Gifts. We all gift the people in our lives. And most of us are of kind heart, striving in some small way to make this world a better place. But lets face it, with the chaos that is life, it's not always easy! So this is where Karma Baskets and Gifts can help! Gifts of the spirit that are positive and healing. Unique gifts, that are fully customizable, on request, with intentions for manifesting Positive Energy for you as an individual, or perhaps a group that you would like to inspire!  And we use trade friendly and organic/recyclable products whenever possible. 

Combine all this goodness with the 2% donation from every basket to a charity tied to that basket, and yeah, you are "Gifting Positive Energy!" Its good Karma! It's good energy! We are, Karma Baskets and Gifts, Gifting Positive Energy!  

New Moon Gone Bye! Did You Set Your Intentions!

Peaceful Tara

Peaceful Tara

New Moon (Gone BYE)!  We are really late, but I am still feeling renewed.  So, here goes. 

New intentions or the renewal of your previous directed manifestations.  Which one doesn't matter,  I hope you felt the energy of hope, newness, and a birth of empowerment!   

I set my intentions with a new grid.  The original focus with additional goals, wishes, dreams.  I always add my pressures, of course with a separate chant to bind for a positive outcome.  But I also do something else.  I add a protection or a focus for someone other than myself.  Always.  It's a kind of tithing, in my mind.  To offer a prayer for others is just as important as giving money and time.  Energy work works! I feel that Gifting Positive Energy in my grid to others is cleansing for my soul.  

I placed each crystal on my Flower of Life grid with care and thought. It is an important part of MY RITUAL.  Everyones, I am sure.  Then I take a few minutes to meditate afterward.  And it may be an active meditation; as it was this last new moon.  I rode my bike.  It was twilight, a soft whispering wind was blowing, as if just for me.  It was extremely a spiritual 45 minutes for me.  Mindful of the beauty around me.  I felt renewed when I completed the ride.  Reborn. 

I highly recommend an active meditation.  If you are like me, the breathing, the feeling of center, combined with a solo activity, will be very uplifting.  

Anyway, that is this week's mindful musings.  I hope to become better at getting this blog out weekly in the future, but I am also very conscious of time and the universe.  It will happen when it's supposed to, as long as I am paying attention to what the universe is teaching me in my journey.  


Team Positive Energy

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