Karma Baskets and Gifts

Who are we? We are a part of the human experience! And we want to sustain life for ourselves and our family whilst encouraging love and positive energy. We want to promote giving by contributing to worthwhile charities and sell products that enable you, the consumer, to feel extra special about how you are spending your money.

How? By Gifting Positive Energy with Karma Baskets and Gifts. We all gift the people in our lives. And most of us are of kind heart, striving in some small way to make this world a better place. But lets face it, with the chaos that is life, it's not always easy! So this is where Karma Baskets and Gifts can help! Gifts of the spirit that are positive and healing. Unique gifts, that are fully customizable, on request, with intentions for manifesting Positive Energy for you as an individual, or perhaps a group that you would like to inspire!  And we use trade friendly and organic/recyclable products whenever possible. 

Combine all this goodness with the 2% donation from every basket to a charity tied to that basket, and yeah, you are "Gifting Positive Energy!" Its good Karma! It's good energy! We are, Karma Baskets and Gifts, Gifting Positive Energy!  

Happy New Year! :) Make It A Gifting Positive Energy Year!

Gifting Positive Energy!

Gifting Positive Energy!

What is 2019 going to bring us? Do we know? I mean, we can use history to predict things, cause and effect based on repeating history in our actions. We can use the sciences to predict outcomes be it astrology or benchmark reporting like for how they track climate change. But what about moment to moment predictions? What will be those bursts of future for each of us this 2019? Is there a way for us to predict in almost real time???

Well, I don’t think so. I know I can’t …well not completely anyway. But you know what we can do? We can gift positive energy in our daily lives and thus probably be pretty close on predicting actual moment to moment outcomes! We can spread a positive energy vibe in our words, our actions and thoughts to change that moment for ourselves and possibly anyone that is near us or to whom we direct that positive energy!

That is MY plan for 2019. I am going to gift as much positive energy to myself and others as possible. I won’t be as hard on myself for mistakes. I will smile a little more at strangers. I may let someone in front of me in a line because I have time and they seem rushed and stressed. I can help a friend or co-worker with some small chore when the moment seems right.

And when I do these things, I predict that I will get a smile back from the stranger on the street, I will get a thank you from the person that I let move in front of me in that grocery line, and my co-worker will have a little more positive self-energy because I am helping them with a task.

And you know what else I predict? That I will feel a little better about myself every time I gift some positive energy to someone else in my daily encounters!

And another prediction? That I will grow a little more spiritually too!

Spread the love. Spread the vibe. Start gifting positive energy for all of 2019!


Team Positive Energy! (Jahnese) :)

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Where Have My Moon Phases Gone?

Moon Phase  Shadow 

Moon Phase  Shadow 

Time is moving quickly.  The phases of the moon, and more importantly my life phases are speeding by at a speed that I don't seem able to control.  I am not going to say I am discouraged at all because I believe in the timing of circumstance.  Not predestination from birth, but based on spiritual growth.  So you get from point a to b based on how you grow at point a.  

I know I am where I am supposed to be.  Are you where you should be? Do you feel that perhaps your goals or dreams are somehow getting swept under the rug?  I say, look at it and embrace your moment in a favorable light.   Don't get beat up though, don't misinterpret a lousy situation as something not to fight.  

If I can be an example, my life does not feel like it's my own right now.  My dreams seem to be on the back burner.  I have stepped up to support another happily, and I am having fun while supporting.  However, this is my passion, Karma Baskets, and Gifts. My new product line that is still off in the distant future but is S..L..O..W..L..Y becoming a reality will happen. 

But, at this phase in my life, my growth is elsewhere.  My circumstance is meant to be in a supporting role.  So I feel a little sad sometimes.  Out of place.  I haven't been keeping up with the moon phases.  My crystals are in need of attention, and my grid is non-existent.  Plus, it's 4:00 a.m. and I am writing this blog.  

So what do I hope to accomplish?  Well, it's this.  I have a desire to write to you all, to let you know where I have been.  What I am doing.   I still celebrate the moon phases, using a chant.  I acknowledge the energy, and I use that energy to attract my goals and intentions and dispel my negative energy.  It's powerful, and it's soul cleansing, for me anyway.  It feels right.  

So where did the moon phases go?  I think I am gliding on them!  Breathing with each wax and wane.  Growing spiritually.  And not letting the fast and different course take me off balance.   I miss my community, but I am here all the time.  
:)  Live Mindfully!


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Mixing Science With Natural and Spiritual

What do you believe?

  • Science - If it isn't proven it isn't real
  • Faith - You know it because you feel it
  • Natural - Holistic, Organic, Pure
  • GMO - Modified, Manmade

Wow.  We are living in conflict.  Picking sides.  Justifying our beliefs.  Arguments. Judgement. 

Don't lose sight of what is true.  Follow your heart but be open!

Nothing in history is every black and white.  There is always a melding of truth.  

I love science. 

I have faith in natural cures. 

I love man made.  But I know there is more than this world. 

Spirit is strong.  There is no coincidence. It's all by design.  But, science is a gift, just as herbal-ism is a gift.  The difference is, I believe, that the souls on the spiritual side will see this more quickly than the science side.  Because science focuses on a more concise truth, they need math.  They need a lab type proof. 

Faith or Spirit is an instance of a feeling...a moment in time when you are in a time rift.  When you feel the truth.  And because you did not catalog the moment, prove it with a documented and precise observation, i.e. , test tube truth... people don't believe. 

I say, believe.  Feel the truth.  

But I also say, believe that science is a gift of Spirit.  Maybe it's a quick injection.  Something that we need to get us through.

I recently have a conflict in my life.  It is about someone that wants to trust in the belief that nature will cure.  But the predicament is, the kid is suffering, and the damage could manifest to a situation that could be permanent.  

This is where I believe, that science is a gift of Spirit.  And growth of the Spirit is a long, hard fought right of passage.  We all don't get it in our lifetime.  It is dependent on ones attention to the light. 

To manage someone else's growth with our own beliefs, is short sighted.  It has to come to each of us in our own time.  Don't be shortsighted or even selfish in your quest to be right. 

Don't project your light, or your growth on someone that isn't ready.  If your enlightened views of healing are not working, turn to the gift of science.  It's there for a reason.  



Team Positive Energy



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New Moon in Scorpio

Karma Baskets and Gifts New Moon Energy.jpg

New Moon Intentions

I don't know about you, but my life is so busy now, the only way I realized we were at the beginning of the moon cycle, was a level of energy I felt.   And from what I understand from some pretty significant astrologers, yeah, it's par for a new moon in Scorpio!

The intentions that I have set are ongoing.  I discussed the methods I use for intentions in my last blog, located here if you are interested. 

This new moon I am adding a purpose for all of us through the holidays.  Praying that we may find love and peace in our holiday moments, and share with others a little joy for their holiday moments.  And that we remember to contribute to others, that are not as fortunate as ourselves.  

Be thankful for our opportunities, even if we are working our butts off to achieve all that we set out to accomplish! 

Sage your house, burn some sweetgrass, place your favorite crystals on your grids, or in critical places in your home for loving energy.  

Cultivate energy in your daily life.  I wear my chakra bracelets that I purchased from EnergyMuse daily.  It's a little expensive, but I love their stuff, and I feel not only the quality but the power of anything I buy from them.  Heart and soul energy is just as crucial as crystal energy, I think.   I am thankful for the energy and the confidence I get from my chakra energy bracelets when they are on my wrist!  You will seldom see me without them. 

There are a lot of people that have beautiful crystal jewelry to share as well, I have many different sources so send me a note if you are looking for something unique as a gift for yourself or others, and I will supply some links.  Wearing crystal jewelry is a great way to get through your day.  Gives you a little control of the universal energy we all share.   Or check out our Guardian Angel Bracelet here that I sell from Energy Muse.  It's a beautiful Rutilated Quartz with a coin.  Angel mindfulness support on your wrist!

Blessings this week, don't overeat, and hug your loved ones!  Share something with a stranger.  And don't forget to set all those positive intentions! 

Love, Peace and Good Karma,

Team Positive Energy!

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New Moon Gone Bye! Did You Set Your Intentions!

Peaceful Tara

Peaceful Tara

New Moon (Gone BYE)!  We are really late, but I am still feeling renewed.  So, here goes. 

New intentions or the renewal of your previous directed manifestations.  Which one doesn't matter,  I hope you felt the energy of hope, newness, and a birth of empowerment!   

I set my intentions with a new grid.  The original focus with additional goals, wishes, dreams.  I always add my pressures, of course with a separate chant to bind for a positive outcome.  But I also do something else.  I add a protection or a focus for someone other than myself.  Always.  It's a kind of tithing, in my mind.  To offer a prayer for others is just as important as giving money and time.  Energy work works! I feel that Gifting Positive Energy in my grid to others is cleansing for my soul.  

I placed each crystal on my Flower of Life grid with care and thought. It is an important part of MY RITUAL.  Everyones, I am sure.  Then I take a few minutes to meditate afterward.  And it may be an active meditation; as it was this last new moon.  I rode my bike.  It was twilight, a soft whispering wind was blowing, as if just for me.  It was extremely a spiritual 45 minutes for me.  Mindful of the beauty around me.  I felt renewed when I completed the ride.  Reborn. 

I highly recommend an active meditation.  If you are like me, the breathing, the feeling of center, combined with a solo activity, will be very uplifting.  

Anyway, that is this week's mindful musings.  I hope to become better at getting this blog out weekly in the future, but I am also very conscious of time and the universe.  It will happen when it's supposed to, as long as I am paying attention to what the universe is teaching me in my journey.  


Team Positive Energy

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Tranqility, Mindfulness and Energy Tools!

Lilly Pad 

Lilly Pad 

These days we are all hearing about Mindfulness.   So I think by now you know what it is, right?  For instance, if you come upon a scene like the one pictured above,  mindfulness comes easily.  The lily pad in a tranquil setting of lovely pure still water coupled with the lighting from an evening sky sets the mood.  You sigh and you feel an inner peace.  Easy.

But how about for those days when you aren't by a beautiful pond.  The days when you are scrambling at public transport, or dealing with the irritating co-worker?  Who the hell wants to be mindful of those moments?  Or rather, how the hell do you make it a mindful moment other than, yeah, it's mindful alright, I want to scream at the top of my lungs or go hide in a closet! 

Guess what...you need to embrace that moment.  You need to look around, slow your thoughts, and get the message or signs that are sure to be there, in that moment.  

A few musings ago, I  address these moments.  The link is here if you would like to take a look.

Universe Will Guide Gifting Positive Energy.jpg


Realizing that there are signs and messages in so many moments, how do you maintain the ability to be mindful in the stressful moments? 

Well, you use energy tools!  

When you meditate, what do you do?  Do you light a Chakra centered candle?  Do you play a meditation app?  Do you sit in a special place that brings you peace, surrounded with your crystals and intentions?  Probably.  

And why do you do that?  Because it sets the mood.  Energy tools bring you to a consciousness.  They are blessings of the Spirit, gifted to humankind through knowledge and discovery!  And they work.  Anyone that is spiritual, knows they work.  We feel the collective vibe that occurs in these moments of time.  We know there is more to this world than rock and roll!  An eternal spring of the Spirit does live and has lived through the ages, flowing through all of us!

But the moments of unrest, chaos; moments and events that are forced upon us through daily living.  These are moments that are difficult to cultivate our well-being.  So how do you manage to be mindful, find peace and learn from the exact moments the stress is happening, instead of later after you have snapped at your boss, or been cross with an innocent commuter like yourself? 

Well, you use energy tools.  You employ an essential oil like one of our Chakra Oils blends or a Raku Spirit Angel that you hold dear and you have placed on your desk at the office.  Maybe a beautiful Angelite Crystal for your pocket or purse.  

Some people call these things talisman.  But today, we know them as our energy tools.  A drop of essential oil blends on your wrist or carrier pendent can bring you peace in a moment of stress, and assist you in the mindfulness of the moment.  A fragrance is very calming and restorative to one's soul. 

A crystal in your pocket is a gentle reminder that you have control of your energy.  The properties of the different crystals can vibrate clarity and assist you in your desire to understand your moments.  

A rose quartz angel or a Raku Spirit Angel will channel your angels to you at the exact moment you need your angels!  Pretty powerful stuff!

Energy tools are a must for anyone that is leading a spiritual life.  They are  as important to your spiritual growth as a hammer is important to the construction worker.  

Energy tools help you build your path to a greater self.  The Spirit is all around us guiding us to our enlightened lives and future!  Use energy tools to keep you focused, your vibrations high, and your moments mindful! 

Team Positive Energy! 

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Social Media - Better than coffee? Well, after the first cup, definitely!

Hi.  I have been remiss, behind, too tired, too busy....just so many reasons why I missed this blog for the last two weeks!  So this week, it's on!  

This week's topic is "SOCIAL MEDIA".  I friggin love it!  

How cool is it that we can reach across the world and talk to each other? How cool is it that we can share our passions with each other so easily!  I don't know about you, but I am thinking there are some pretty cool tech Gods and Goddesses out there!  ;)  And I feel so blessed that their minds and creativity have built the wonderful world of Social Media.  

Three months ago I began a journey.  I opened my site, posted that we were open with butterflies in my stomach, and voila!  I am a social media goddess!  :)  Look out world, here we come!  

And I cannot believe what I have tapped into!   The people are amazing. And creativity is off the rails!  I am making a lot of friends in the cyber community.  People that are working towards their goals with integrity and purpose. It is so uplifting!  And the beauty of some of the photos!!!!!!    

Getting Karma Baskets off the ground is a dream come true.  Knowing that I am building a business that is geared towards helping others is so rewarding!  Not only in the charity donation, but the positive vibe that goes into each and every basket!

Change is a coming! 


I am working on a "Build Your Intentions" basket selection.  This will be really cool because, yeah, you build the basket the way you want it!  Not so easy logistically, with pricing, inventory division, etc., but I am really excited about getting it going.  I also have to get a mom and baby basket thing going, but that is on hold right now. There are only so many hours in the day!  

SOMEDAY I WILL DO THIS FULL TIME!!!  (NOTE THE MANIFESTING INTENTION HERE!) But for now, it's early morning and late evening hours for me!  Yeah.... That coffee...It comes first....


We are also working on expansion of what we offer in our baskets.  Our own line of some very exciting stuff!  But that will take months!  

I don't plan on dropping anything either.  I love the stuff I sell.  I use the stuff I sell.  And I am looking to add other people's product to my baskets too!  So, you know, when things really get rocking I hope to promote some really cool things! 

That's it for now!  Short and sweet is nice, right?  Leave a comment...I would so love to hear from you!


Team Positive Energy


Gifting Positive Energy on Thanksgiving, but on your terms!

Today my blog will get out pretty early because, you know,  no day job today.  :)  So I am thankful! And I am also very thankful for my family, loved ones, situation in life, etc.  And with those things mentioned, I want to also state that I am thankful that I can choose my values, and beliefs freely, get behind causes that mean something to me, and of course the freedom to express my views,... Goes without saying, right?...... I need a smiley emoticon here! 

So the subject of my blog today is going to be, of course, let's be thankful for all our blessings. Don't take them for granted.  Because many people have to seriously look harder than some to find those blessings.  And I won't pontificate here, most of us are highly aware of these facts. And with our access to information about how this world is rocking, sometimes we get overwhelmed.  It's friggin hard to imagine how some people are living!  It's friggin hard to believe that some people caught up in the big corporate machine don't seem to friggin care!

But with the friggin "Oh Crap" moments that I know I experience almost daily, I also see there is  a movement out there to change things.  There is a very strong vibe of love and caring that is growing, and actually has always been growing across this world.  There are Lightworkers everywhere!  There always has been!  


There is a movement out there! There are Lightworkers everywhere! 


In my opinion,  we are all just moving so fast, with technology and the advancements in all kinds of innovation, that we haven't realized our potential yet.  And because we are so blessed, because we have the luxury to actually enjoy our lives in between the jumping on and off of this fast moving train that is our life, we are just now catching up with the fury that is our ability to communicate.  We are really just now realizing how to harness that fury and make it work for us to improve this world we live in, and still enjoy our lattes!  

So today's blog isn't going to be about my life or my business.  Today's blog is about how I am  harnessing a little of the fury that is available to me, using the wonderful gifts of technology that I have at my fingertips. Today I will promote the three causes that are dear to me.  Not the only causes that are dear to me, but the three that I promote on my site.

Please see the three links below, that will take you directly to the causes that I support. Please be thankful for all you have, and maybe share a little by donating to one or all of these causes by clicking the links below.  




And maybe you are saying to yourself right now, these aren't my causes!  Hell, I get it! But if you do say that, please, go to the cause you do believe in and donate something today.  Maybe it's a little time, or a dollar, or even just a kind word. Just take the time to be thankful for your ability to make that choice and do it!  Let's take a moment to be thankful and gift some positive energy on this Thanksgiving day!


Team Positive Energy!